Thursday, 20 October 2011

Decorating Your House For A Halloween Party

A few must-haves:
1.     Jack o’lanterns
2.     Candles
3.     Cobwebs


Decorating your house for a Halloween party can be challenging but it can also be really fun. You need to strategically place decorations in places that make people look twice at them and wonder “what is that doing there”. You want to place things in certain places so that they look like they don’t belong there. This will give it a more spooky feel.
A few ideas of unique decoration ideas are: place dried up leaves and sticks under tables, place lots of clocks throughout your house, spray paint clown masks white so they look like goths, and place a kitchen knife covered in blood in a flower pot (don’t do this if there will be kids around).  
Not only can you decorate inside your house, but decorate your yard and outside of your house as well. Take pieces of cardboard and make them into doors and tombstones and place them in your yard. You can write things on them like ‘RIP’ or ‘burial grounds’. 

The most important tip is to BE CREATIVE!!

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