Sunday, 27 November 2011

2012 Interior Design Trends

In 2012, global design styles will be returning.  This includes incorporating various pieces of art and furniture from around the world into your space.  In the bathroom, you can use tribal masks, pottery, wooden sculptures, etc. as decorations.  Unique one-of-a-kind wall paintings will be a nice feature on your walls.  When incorporating global design into your bedroom, you have many more options.  A large carved headboard is a great way to add different cultures into your bedroom. Try to find unique pieces that are completely different from what you might see in your relatives' or friends' houses.  Some popular global styles include: Southwestern, Aboriginal, Hispanic, Parisian, Caribbean, etc.  Carved wooden side tables are also an excellent global design idea. You can find great handcrafted side table from all around the world.  Woven lampshades are also unique.  You don’t have to stick to one culture when you’re designing a room.  Feel free to mix and match for a more international look.

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