Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What’s Your Interior Design Style?

A contemporary design style consists of sleek, clean lines.  Neutral colours are offset by bright, bold colours.  The main focus of contemporary design is function. Function should come first in your design.  Don’t worry about filling every bit of space because it will look cluttered.  Items should be strategically placed for style and function.

Contemporary is the “new” kind of look while Traditional is the “old/modern” look.  Floral and striped patterns and fabrics are used for window treatments and upholstery.  18th and 19th century furniture pieces are often used in the space.   

Balance, symmetry, and grand focal points define this design style.  Classically designed rooms are focused around a large staircase, fireplace, etc.  Furniture and fabric patterns are kept simple to keep the focus on the main focal point of the room.

The main goal of this design is comfort.  This style reflects French, Swedish, and American country.  All furniture looks or is handcrafted in its natural state.  This brings that unique country wood look to the design.  Antique pieces are used to design country style homes.  Many country homes incorporate animals into their design to make the space feel more outdoorsy and country.  Light colours are used to create a warm, cozy feeling.

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