Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Choosing A Paint Colour

Choosing a paint colour can be really tough.  You pick out a bunch of paint chips, take them home and hold them up in your room to see if it will look good.  All of us know that if a paint colour looks good on the paint chip, if could look horrible once you put it on the wall.  I've provided you with a few tips that will help you choose the perfect paint colour for your home.


1. Buy a fan deck
2. Match a paint colour to the objects in your home
3. Get matching paint chips
4. Try colours with a hint of gray for a more sophisticated look
5. Choose a white that complements your furniture
6. Use a semi-gloss finish on your trims for easy clean-up
7. Consider the sight lines from room to room
8. Add contrast by highlighting your baseboards, windows and trims with a darker colour
9 Draw attention to one wall in particular by painting it a different colour
10. Experiment with sample boards

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